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Investing in a cleaner, greener future.

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RE Royalties Green Bonds 


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Green Bond Highlights

RE Royalties Green Bonds will be used to finance investments made in renewable energy generation, energy efficiency management and sustainable infrastructure.


As an investor, you can take advantage of the growing renewable energy sector, while making a measurable impact on the environment.


Our Green Bonds are eligible for registered accounts such as RRSP, TFSA, RRIF and RESP. 

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Registered Accounts

Strong Returns

Secured against a portfolio of assets

Used to finance clean energy projects



S&P Global Ratings Review- 2023 Green Bond Report

April 16, 2024

2023 Green Bond Report

April 12, 2024

2024 Green Bond Framework

April 12, 2024

S&P Global Ratings SPO- 2024 Green Bond Framework

April 12, 2024

2020 Green Bond Framework

August 10, 2020

  • Why RE Royalties Green Bonds?
    RE Royalties Green Bonds allow you to align your investments with your values while earning a strong return. Green Bonds are an exciting opportunity for socially and environmentally conscious investors who want to ensure their investments are helping fight climate change.
  • How are RE Royalties Green Bonds different than buying company shares?
    In contrast to buying shares and owning a piece of the company, RE Royalties Green Bonds are a loan from the investor to the company to be used exclusively for investing in renewable and sustainable energy projects.
  • Who can invest in RE Royalties Green Bonds?
    RE Royalties Green Bonds provide different types of investors with opportunities to invest with impact. They are available to investors in non-registered or registered accounts across Canada. Please sign up on our green bond registration list to receive information on how to invest.
  • Is there a minimum or maximum investment size?
    There may be a minimum or maximum investment size depending on your province and other factors under Canadian securities law. Please speak with your financial advisor about your individual financial situation.
  • How is my investment protected?
    RE Royalties Green Bonds are senior secured against the underlying assets of the company, unlike most competing Green Bond options.
  • Are RE Royalties Green Bonds rated?
    No, RE Royalties Green Bonds are not currently rated as the process is costly. However, they do follow an established framework through the Green Bond Principles, endorsed by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).
  • Do I pay fees to invest in RE Royalties Green Bonds?
    There are no fees payable to RE Royalties and no fees required to purchase the bonds. However, depending on the financial institution that you have an investment account with, there may be a transaction fee
  • Are RE Royalties Green Bonds eligible for registered accounts?
    Yes, RE Royalties Green Bonds are eligible to be held in RRSP, TFSA, RRIF, LIRA, RESP and RDSP accounts.
  • Can I invest via my own financial institution, advisor or brokerage?
    Investors may invest through certain financial advisors and investment brokerages, including self-directed online brokers.
  • Can I sell my RE Royalties Green Bonds?
    No, you cannot sell RE Royalties Green Bonds. They are private investments, and they are not traded on public exchanges like stocks.
  • How does RE Royalties loan clients money to back the green bonds?
    RE Royalties seeks to acquire royalties from renewable energy projects, which is often accomplished by structuring our investments as loans. This structure allows us to gain additional security over the underlying renewable energy projects, thereby reducing the risk to RE Royalties and our investors.
  • Can I invest in a specific renewable energy project?
    No, you cannot invest in a specific project. RE Royalties only invests in projects that align with our sustainable values focused on carbon emissions reduction. As an investor, you can invest in our complete project portfolio and make a larger impact. This mitigates the risk for our investors and prevents you from being overly exposed to one project or geographical area.
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