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We believe in doing the right thing for people and the planet.

We do the right thing for the planet by working to accelerate the shift to renewable energy. 


We do the right thing for people by treating our clients and investors with fairness and understanding and by helping them achieve their goals.


“As a pioneer in applying the well-proven royalty financing model to the renewable energy sector, RE Royalties is facilitating the growth of companies that provide positive environmental impacts while providing shareholders with attractive dividends.”

—  Nicholas Nagy, Investor

RE Royalties is an innovative finance company specializing in renewable energy.

Our company strives to provide value for both our clients and shareholders.


We provide innovative financing solutions for our clients, when traditional financing options are not available or suitable. 


We offer reasonable rates, minimal restrictions, and a tailored solution to our clients' needs. This allows our clients to maintain control and ownership over their projects and businesses. This approach differentiates us from traditional debt and equity financing providers.


Innovation and creativity are at the heart of what we do. We believe we can create a renewable energy future faster through innovative finance. This means transforming the way projects get financed and being flexible and creative in how we help solve our clients’ problems.  


We also believe in creating an investment product that allows both retail and institutional investors to participate in the renewable energy evolution.

We believe it takes courage to be a first mover and create a better future. When you invest with RE Royalties you can get in early with a growing company.

We make it easier for our renewable energy clients to grow.

We strive to create shareholder value through the acquisition of long-term recurring royalty streams, and high reinvestment rates to drive growth, combined with strong capital protection and low operating costs.


We build long-term relationships with our clients, renewable energy leaders who want to grow their businesses, and we work with them with the goal of building value for their stakeholders and strong returns for our shareholders.


As a public company, our shareholders are able to participate in this large and growing market. 


We strive to provide our shareholders with strong capital returns, growth and a stable distribution, all while helping reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

 RE Royalties Ltd. is listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol RE

We lead by example and work to change the way people think about green investment.

Our company has ownership of royalties from renewable energy projects in Canada, the United States and Europe with plans to continue growing this portfolio in the future.


Our current diversified portfolio includes solar parks, wind farms, and run of the river hydro facilities.

The royalty financing business model is an established and proven form of investment in other industry sectors such as mining, oil & gas, pharmaceuticals, technology, music, and book publishing.


RE Royalties is a pioneer and is the first to apply this proven business model to the renewable energy sector.

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