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RE Royalties Podcast Interview with Water Tower Research

In a recent episode of the Water Tower Hour podcast, Bryce Anderson, the Vice President of Investments at RE Royalties, delved into various aspects of the company's business strategy. The episode covered an array of topics that shed light on the company’s operations, economic model, growth strategy, and more.

Bryce Anderson discussed the company's approach to generating value for shareholders through its royalty model. The economic and financial model employed by RE Royalties was explored in depth, emphasizing how the royalty structure contributes to creating value. The episode also unveiled the company's ambitious growth strategy for the present year and beyond, offering insights into the roadmap for expansion.

Bryce Anderson shared key milestones planned for the upcoming months and into 2024, providing a glimpse into the company's future trajectory. The discussion touched on how investors should approach valuation when considering investment in RE Royalties.

Click here to listen to the Water Tower Hour episode featuring RE Royalties.

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