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Featured: RE Royalties COO at the Canadian Climate Investor Conference 2023: TMX The View From The C-Suite

Featured: RE Royalties CEO on BNN Bloomberg

Innovative finance company specializing in renewable energy: RE Royalties Ltd. 專注於可再生能源領域的創新融資公司

Innovative finance company specializing in renewable energy: RE Royalties Ltd. 專注於可再生能源領域的創新融資公司

#RERoyalties Ltd. (TSX.V: RE) is a global leader in #renewableenergy royalty-based financing. They provide innovative #financing solutions for their renewable energy clients when traditional options aren’t available or suitable. In this episode, we had the opportunity to interview Bernard Tan, the CEO of RE Royalties, to learn more about the company. To give investors a better understanding of the company, we covered some most concerned questions. What are the details of RE Royalties’ first Green Bonds? Is RE Royalties undervalued and why? Why did RE Royalties decide to give out dividends to shareholders? And why should investors be investing in RE Royalties? Tune in to this CEO Interview and find out answers now! RE Royalties Ltd. (TSX.V: RE) 是可再生能源權利金融資的全球領導者,當傳統的選擇不存在或不適合時,為可再生能源客戶提供創新的融資解決方案。在本期節目中,我們有幸採訪了RE Royalties的首席執行官Bernard Tan。為了讓投資者更好地了解公司,我們提問了一些投資者最關心的問題。 RE Royalties第一批綠色債券發行的細節。 RE Royalties被低估了嗎?原因是什麼?為何RE Royalties決定向股東派發股息?為何投資者應該投資RE Royalties?請收看本期CEO來了,現在就去找答案吧! About RE Royalties Ltd. (TSX.V: RE) RE Royalties Ltd. acquires revenue-based royalties from renewable energy generation facilities by providing a non-dilutive financing solution to privately held and publicly traded renewable energy generation and development companies. The Company currently owns 83 royalties on solar, wind and hydro projects in Canada, Europe, and the United States. The Company’s business objectives are to provide shareholders with a strong growing yield, robust capital protection, high rate of growth through re-investment and a sustainable investment focus. For more information, please visit: 關於RE Royalties Ltd. (TSX.V: RE) RE Royalties Ltd.通過向私人持有和公開交易的可再生能源發電和開發公司提供非稀釋性融資解決方案,從可再生能源發電設施中獲得基於收入的權利金。公司目前在加拿大、歐洲和美國擁有83個太陽能、風能和水力項目的權利金。公司的業務目標是為股東提供強勁增長的收益、穩健的資本保護、通過再投資和可持續的投資重點實現高增長率。欲瞭解詳情,請訪問: Disclaimer: NAI is being compensated for this content. Materials contained in this content are for information purposes only and is not intended to constitute an offering of securities in any jurisdiction. Nothing on this content should be construed as an offer, solicitation or recommendation to buy or sell products or securities. 免責聲明:NAI有償發佈此內容。此內容中所含材料僅供參考,無意構成在任何司法轄區進行證券發行。此內容不應解讀為買賣產品或證券的要約、招攬或推薦。 Music:​ 【Stay Connected! 持續關注 NAI500!】 微信公眾號: GCFF_Event (GCFF會展);NAI500 (NAI500財經網站) Website:​ 網站:​ Twitter:​ LinkedIn:​... Facebook:​ Join us at an upcoming event!​ 參加我們即將舉行的會展活動!​ Copyright © 2021 NAI Interactive Ltd. All rights reserved. 版權所有 © 2021 NAI Interactive Ltd. 保留所有權利。
Re Royalties CEO Bernard Tan (TSXV: RE) (OTC: RROYF)

Re Royalties CEO Bernard Tan (TSXV: RE) (OTC: RROYF)

Re Royalties CEO Bernard Tan (TSXV: RE) (OTC: RROYF) - RICH TV LIVE - OCTOBER 30, 2020 - RE Royalties is an innovative finance company specializing in renewable energy. Our company strives to provide value for both our clients and shareholders. We provide innovative financing solutions for our clients, when traditional financing options are not available or suitable. We offer reasonable rates, minimal restrictions, and a tailored solution to our clients' needs. This allows our clients to maintain control and ownership over their projects and businesses. This approach differentiates us from traditional debt and equity financing providers. Innovation and creativity are at the heart of what we do. We believe we can create a renewable energy future faster through innovative finance. This means transforming the way projects get financed and being flexible and creative in how we help solve our clients’ problems. #REROYALTIES #BERNARDTAN #RICHTVLIVE We also believe in creating an investment product that allows both retail and institutional investors to participate in the renewable energy evolution. Join The Trading Club Here - Join The RICH TV LIVE CHANNEL MEMBERSHIP - Subscribe - Visit - & a community for stocks, news, and trending topics. #richtvlive #stockmarket #money Popular Uploads - Most Recent Upload - YouTube Channel Page - Subscribe - Rich TV Live Playlist - RICH TV LIVE TOP 10 STOCKS Playlist - Disclaimer RICH TV LIVE INC. company profiles and other investor relations materials, publications or presentations, including web content, are based on data obtained from sources we believe to be reliable but are not guaranteed as to accuracy and are not purported to be complete. As such, the information should not be construed as advice designed to meet the particular investment needs of any investor. Any opinions expressed in RICH TV LIVE reports company profiles or other investor relations materials and presentations are subject to change. RICH TV LIVE and its affiliates may buy and sell shares of securities or options of the issuers mentioned on this website at any time. RICH TV LIVE INC. has been compensated $1000 CAD for this video presentation. Investing is inherently risky. RICH TV LIVE is not responsible for any gains or losses that result from the opinions expressed on this website, in its research reports, company profiles or in other investor relations materials or presentations that it publishes electronically or in print. We strongly encourage all investors to conduct their own research before making any investment decision. For more information on stock market investing, visit the Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") at CSA

We believe it takes courage to be a first mover and create a better future. When you invest with RE Royalties you can get in early with a growing company.



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