We are transforming the way that renewable energy projects are financed.

We provide innovative financing solutions for our clients when traditional options aren’t available or suitable.


We offer reasonable rates, minimal restrictions, and a tailored solution to our clients' needs. This allows our clients to maintain control and ownership over their projects and businesses. This approach differentiates us from traditional debt and equity financing providers.


Royalty financing allows renewable energy project owners to raise capital to fund their growth plans without having to sell their existing assets.

We help our clients maintain their independence and control over their businesses.

Our clients are renewable energy leaders who have great project opportunities, but are too small to secure traditional financing to fund their growth plans.


Many of our clients already operate multiple projects and they are on a path to grow their businesses. 


Typically, our clients need $1M - $20M in financing and want to maintain ownership of their assets. We work with clients that share our vision of creating a renewable energy future faster.


Here is our current client portfolio:


“RE Royalties' ability to be flexible and to arrange an out of the box financing solution was key in Scotian Windfields Inc being able to restructure our wind project's complicated financing. It has allowed us to provide a better return on investment for our Shareholders. I would recommend them for renewable companies that need a customized financial solution for their projects. RE Royalties' management and staff made the financing a seamless process.” 

—  Joe Fitzharris, President and Board Chair, Scotia Windfields Inc. 

We provide financing for renewable energy projects.

We offer capital in the form of a cash payment or loan, in exchange for a percentage of future revenues from operating projects.


Our clients retain 100% control of their assets and businesses, and there are no material restrictions on how the funds are used.


The capital we provide can be considered an advance to our client, and the periodic percentage payments can be considered royalties to our investors.


We call it Renewable Energy Royalties.

If you are interested in getting financing for your renewable energy project, contact us for more information.

Advantages Over Debt Financing

  • ​​​More flexible and less restrictive

  • Royalties based on production

  • Royalty holder and client's interests are aligned

  • Faster to complete than project financing

  • Retains future ability to issue debt

  • No arrangement or commitment fees

  • Enhance owner cash-flows

Advantages Over Equity Financing

  • Less expensive

  • Non-dilutive 

  • No need to sell existing assets

  • No finder or underwriter fees

  • No operational control requirements

  • Opportunity to enhance returns on project equity

  • Cash flow based valuation

  • No marketing needed to raise new equity

Our royalty financing solutions are designed to provide renewable energy operators and developers with the financial flexibility to grow without resorting to dilution, asset sales or restrictive debt covenants.

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