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386 MW​

enough to power approx.

106,000 homes

and annually offset over

252,000 t CO2

We are working to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable future.

RE Royalties has advanced our work in sustainability while at the same time achieving strong operating and financial performance.


Strong performance, along with social responsibility and environmental stewardship, is part of being a sustainable renewable energy company. 


Our company recognizes and has embraced the importance of taking the long view to make an environmental impact.


“I am keen on investing in companies that ensure their business is understood and transparent. RE Royalties fits this criteria with an added bonus of potentially strong and consistent returns in an industry that seeks to secure a bright future for our children through renewable sources of energy... I am looking forward to strengthening my investment in RE Royalties and celebrating both financial and environmental achievements.”

—  Gilbert Kimani, Investor

We play an important role in the global sustainability movement.

Our business model, strategies and growth plans are driven by a clear vision of the role we aspire to play in creating renewable energy for a better world over the coming years.

We recognized the value of renewable energy back in 2016 when we financed our first wind power project in British Columbia. Since then, our investments have been primarily focused on wind and solar across Canada, the USA and Europe, and we continue to evaluate other renewable energy projects globally.

Over the past few years, we have built a royalty portfolio that includes 67 solar parks, 14 wind farms, 2 hydro plants, and 4 storage projects.

Our Royalty Portfolio

88 Royalties:

Capacity Mix

Screenshot 2021-10-13 100108.png

68  Solar​


14  Wind


2  Hydro

Battery Clipart.jpg

4  Storage

Total Capacity

414 MW​

enough to power approx.
109,417 homes

and annually offset over
382,608 t CO2e

RE Royalties' continued focus on investment in renewable energy contributes to our sustainable goals.

Our company has embraced the importance of taking the long view to make an environmental impact.

While much work remains to be done, RE Royalties is making progress in responding to these key environmental challenges. That’s a result of the sustainability journey we embarked on when the company was founded, which commits us to continually improve our environmental, social and economic performance.

The projects we finance are at the forefront of innovation, addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while delivering economic growth.

We have an applied approach to sustainable development incorporated into our business strategy and this enables us to work with businesses over the full life cycle of their projects.

We work to change the way people think about green investment.

Environmental, health and safety, social and governance issues are apparent at all stages of the project life cycle, and RE Royalties depth of services enables us to serve clients over the longer term, wherever they are located across the world.


One of our primary commitments at RE Royalties has been to strengthen our engagement with stakeholders on issues that are of importance to them. This feedback informs our focus on the issues facing our world and our clients, which allows us to prioritize activities in our business strategy and the projects we finance.


The team at RE Royalties delivers on our purpose of shaping a sustainable future through renewable energy projects: in the support we provide our clients, the projects we finance and the way we operate our business.

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