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10 Portable Battery Energy Storage Benefits

Updated: Jun 7, 2022

Families and communities all over the world use battery-powered generators to improve safety and prepare for disaster, all while reducing the negative impact on the planet.

Portable battery energy storage can offer much more than just convenience. In this post, we are sharing 10 benefits for portable battery energy storage in your community.

1. Powering Communities

With many power grids under stress across the United States, some communities, such as New York City are turning to backup battery power storage to keep vital functions online if needed.

The New York Power Grid Study, identified the need for more than 15 GW of energy storage by 2040, with 7,300 MW located in New York City and Long Island, in order to support zero-emission electricity production by 2040.

There were 57 deaths across 25 Texas counties and over $195 billion in property damage, as a result of the 2021 power grid failure in Texas amid harsh winter weather and cold temperatures. Having another reliable source of energy when the power grid fails can help keep communities safe and save lives.

2. Charge An Electric Vehicle

Whether at home or during travel, a portable battery can offer a solution for charging an electric car. Smaller battery options can be taken on the road to help an electric car get more miles between charging station stops.

Choosing a battery-powered car can help save money and reduce emissions. According to the US Department of Energy, some electric vehicle owners may even qualify for a tax rebate. Read this article to learn how hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles can help improve fuel economy, lower fuel costs, and reduce emissions.

3. Be Prepared for Natural Disasters

As many types of battery-operated portable generators don’t require gasoline, they’re an excellent choice to use as backup power during an emergency. Even if no gasoline is available or accessible, the generator could be recharged by the sun or wind, a much better option for the environment and your own personal safety. According to Consumer Reports, the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning from gas-powered generators can be deadly during a crisis.

4. Reduce Emissions

Burning gasoline contributes to air pollution. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, using gas power creates greenhouse gasses that accelerate global warming. Research shows that switching any generator you use from gas to battery power is a great way to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

When entire communities make the switch, the environmental impacts can be huge.

5. Power a Recreational Vehicle

Traveling in a recreational vehicle can become a year-round pastime with a portable battery-powered generator. With power available off the grid, conditions in an RV or van can remain comfortable even during especially cold or hot months.

6. Power Outdoor Events

Outdoor wedding receptions, parties, or even business meetings can be improved with the use of battery-powered generators. Some portable battery options last for hours and can power a DJ, lights, screens, wi-fi routers, and other conveniences without the dangers and negative effects of gasoline.

7. Stay Connected While Camping

Packing a small battery while camping can charge devices and help keep campers safe. Staying in contact with friends and family can be important in case of an emergency.

8. Live Off the Grid

Some of the most beautiful places to live across the globe don’t have access to the power grid. Sarita, owner of the Off Grid Life blog, shares some additional ways to generate electric energy off the grid from her home outside of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.

Whether you’re looking to live in a remote location, or simply want to live a more sustainable lifestyle, battery power can make it possible. New home builds can also be outfitted to support many types of energy, battery-powered generators included.

9. Lower Electric Bills

When used in conjunction with regular electric power, a battery-powered generator can help save money. By harnessing the power of the sun or wind, a battery-powered generator can reduce energy grid consumption overall.

10. Support Alternative Energy

Reducing your personal energy consumption can help reduce environmental damage on its own, but investing in alternative energy sources is a great way to encourage its wider use.

According to the Energy Storage Association, choosing to use a battery-powered generator at your home or business can help the industry grow. This can result in the more widespread use of alternative energy that benefits the environment long-term.

Whether you’re looking to save money, save the environment, or simply enjoy the convenience of portable energy access, portable battery power storage is a great option. This alternate source of energy is becoming an asset to communities all across the globe.

How Can RE Royalties Help?

RE Royalties is committed to providing unique financing solutions to companies looking to develop renewable energy systems. As a result, we allow our clients the opportunity to grow their business while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, without worrying about financial restrictions.

We believe it is vital to invest in sustainable infrastructure to take action on climate change, create a net-zero emissions future, and create energy security for citizens. Likewise, we support operators who are looking for solutions to fight climate change and meet future energy reliability needs in a more sustainable way.

If your organization is ready to take a step forward in the fight against climate change, RE Royalties is ready to help you meet your financing needs. Contact us here.

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