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121 Canadian business leaders endorse statement on climate action policies of parties

Updated: Oct 17, 2019

Clean50 members, including Peter Leighton, COO of RE Royalties, are asking Canadians to consider climate action as the key motivator for their vote.

Last Thursday, On October 3rd, 120 business, academic, and environmental leaders from across Canada, gathered in Toronto for the 9th annual Clean50 Summit, discussing a wide range of climate solutions.

The Summit concluded with a discussion about how the group’s conclusions might best be summarized in the following statement, made available for individual participants and members of the Clean50 to endorse:

We believe the emerging low carbon economy presents tremendous economic opportunities for Canada, as it addresses the climate challenge. The Green, Liberal and NDP climate action plans clearly reflect that reality. 18-25 year olds will make up the largest voting block for the first time in Canadian history.

Many are demanding transformative economic and environmental action, and we stand with them. As many members of the Clean50 did last April*, we again urge Canadians to make climate action the single most important issue in this and every other election, at all levels of government.

This statement is endorsed by 116 Summit participants and members of Canada’s Clean50, and their organizations, where shown, listed online here.

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