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GLOBE 2020 - RE Royalties, Globe Exchange Workshop

RE Royalties participated in GLOBE Series, the largest and longest-running sustainable business summit and innovation showcase in North America from February 10-12, 2020. It was also the 30th anniversary of GLOBE and we were very pleased to be a part of the event.

Given the urgency of the global climate crisis, GLOBE 2020 had a greater focus on impact, action and outcomes. As a Globe Exchange sponsor, we met with corporate, government and industry leaders.

GLOBE Exchange

For the first time ever, GLOBE dedicated a full day to business-to-business (B2B) networking and transactions focused on clean-tech. GLOBE Exchange was a great opportunity to connect capital and market opportunities with innovation to accelerate the transition to the clean economy.

Bernard Tan and Peter Leighton presented, How to Pitch to Investors and Raise Capital, in RE Royalties workshop session. Attendees learned how to share their story to different types of investors.

Pitching is very different than selling; to be successful you need to understand what and how to deliver your message. Both Bernard and Peter shared their personal successes and struggles, so others could learn what works and what doesn’t.

Bernard shared that we had an idea that we hoped would change the world and slow climate change. We also saw a way to disrupt the way renewable energy projects are financed. We came up with this (royalty financing) solution and thought it was innovative because no one had done it before, and no one was doing it.

It’s essential to understand your audience if you want your pitch to be successful (the golden rule!). You must pitch in a way to get investors to think differently and to create long-term relationships with your investors.

Peter shared his tips for making your pitch great. He explained that you need to take the time to make introductions to potential investors and to let them introduce themselves first. It’s essential to really listen when they tell you who they are and what they do.

One piece of advice that really resonated with the audience was this:

You have two ears and one mouth – use it accordingly!

It's very important to listen. Some of the best ideas we've developed over the years came from our shareholders or people who didn't necessarily become investors. Listen for cues that enable you to target your pitch to the needs or desires of the specific investor you are pitching.

Finally, Bernard was given an opportunity to practice his own pitching lessons on the GLOBE Salon stage!

GLOBE’s Innovation Showcase + Welcome Reception

Following the GLOBE Exchange event, our team attended the welcome reception in the Innovation Showcase! This was an excellent opportunity to wrap-up a successful day of meetings, enjoy live music and delicious food and drinks, while getting an advance look at the companies exhibiting in the showcase.

GLOBE Exhibitor Pitch Session – Invest in Canada Stage

RE Royalties participated in the Exhibitor Pitch session as a judge alongside 7 other investors. 15 exhibitors presented on the Invest in Canada stage and Bryce Anderson, VP of Investments, represented our team as a judge.

Bryce shared how RE Royalties is helping companies get their projects off the ground faster through our innovative royalty financing model. The session was an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about RE Royalties, discover and connect with targeted companies while providing constructive feedback to support their growth.


GLOBE Forum is the flagship business summit, featuring world-renowned thought leaders, innovators and sustainability experts. Our team really enjoyed the session, How the Sustainable Development Goals are Driving Corporate Purpose and Performance. This session featured experienced practitioners sharing how to successfully implement and integrate the SDGs into an organization’s DNA.

The projects we finance are at the forefront of innovation, addressing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while delivering economic growth. You can learn how RE Royalties is working towards reaching these goals here.

Overall, RE Royalties had a very enjoyable time participating at GLOBE 2020 and we look forward to staying connected with the other attendees we met at the conference.

RE Royalties is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "RE".



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