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How Renewable Natural Gas Benefits the Energy Grid

When you look at recent events, it's simple to see how injecting renewable natural gas into the energy grid can help the world with cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels.

The bone-chilling temperatures that caused a massive power grid failure in Texas had many natural gas suppliers scrambling to keep up with a sudden uptick in demand.

A massive spike in energy prices (most notably gasoline but it also hit the natural gas market) due to international fears that vital pipelines of fossil fuels would cease to come out of Russia.

Have you thought about biogas? Even though it produces natural gas, it is a renewable resource that can help us in many ways. It's pipeline-grade natural gas produced through natural sources. The content must be 90 percent methane or greater. It’s also known as Renewable Natural Gas (RNG).

RNG Reduces Carbon Emissions

Weather events over the past 10 years and climate change led scientists and engineers to focus on reducing carbon emissions quickly before the point of no return is reached.

Capturing methane through animal waste to create renewable natural gas through dairy farms and pig farms can keep thousands of tons of carbon out of the atmosphere per year.

Reduces Market Volatility for Fossil Fuels

Having a balanced energy grid from as many diverse sources as possible maintains stability in prices and improves investment in the energy sector, particularly as companies look to innovate for ways to generate more revenue in the long term.

Weather and geopolitical events can disrupt foreign sources of fossil fuels, while a larger base of domestically produced natural gas can ease any problems caused by international incidents or natural disasters.

Creates a New Income Source for Farmers

RE Royalties invested in an RNG project in Wisconsin to construct a biogas project that will keep 20,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere per year.

Our financing will enable Outagamie Clean Energy Partners to complete upgrades at an existing anaerobic digester facility located at a dairy farm near Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The Project will take biogas produced from animal waste and upgrade this biogas to pipeline quality RNG for injection into the regional natural gas grid.

The Project is located on an existing dairy farm, offering a constant, reliable source of feedstock.

This project reduces greenhouse gas emissions by capturing methane that would otherwise escape to the atmosphere and upgrading it for use as a transportation fuel.

As methane is a powerful greenhouse gas (25 times the impact of CO2), the benefit is significant for each unit of gas produced.

Strengthens Regional Natural Gas Grids and Supplies

RNG is a win for families who may not be able to afford sudden increases in energy costs.

Specifically, stabilizing and strengthening regional natural gas grids and supplies reduces volatility in prices, which helps consumers when they budget for utilities and energy costs.

It also gives natural gas suppliers another source of revenue and supply if overseas volatility or weather emergencies cause drastic swings in demand or supplies.

The project in Wisconsin we financed is just one opportunity to keep carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. When you consider there are over 40,200 dairy farms in the United States alone, the potential for income growth in this sector is huge.

What about pig farms? The renewable natural gas collection works with pig farms, too. There are more than 60,000 pig farms in the United States, mostly in the Midwest. There are plenty of income-generating opportunities there for investors.

Sustainable Initiatives

More and more consumers want to buy products or services from companies that invest in sustainable, eco-friendly practices. Companies that have solid investments in renewable energy can showcase how they are helping the environment. This type of green marketing benefits the farmers, developers, and stakeholders in RNG.

Contact RE Royalties to Invest in a Cleaner Future

RE Royalties is committed to providing unique financing solutions to companies looking to develop renewable energy systems. As a result, we allow our clients the opportunity to grow their business while reducing greenhouse gas emissions, without worrying about financial restrictions.

We believe it is vital to invest in sustainable infrastructure to take action on climate change, create a net-zero emissions future, and create energy security for citizens. Likewise, we support operators who are looking for solutions to fight climate change and meet future energy reliability needs in a more sustainable way.

If your organization is ready to take a step forward in the fight against climate change, RE Royalties is ready to help you meet your financing needs. Contact us here.


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