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How Smart Investing Protects the Environment

RE Royalties’ Green Bonds help climate-proof your portfolio and grow the clean energy industry.

Climate change is one of the most significant challenges in our lifetime. As the use of fossil fuels continues, greenhouse gases filter into the atmosphere and lead to devastating impacts on the earth.

To mitigate these effects, innovation is required across all industries—not just energy—to begin to put the planet first. The financial industry is no different.

By thinking creatively and putting the climate at the core, smart investing can make a significant positive impact. Through strategically supporting the environment, investors can realize strong and steady returns while also increasing renewable energy.

Learn more about how to get started with RE Royalties Green Bonds to protect the planet and climate-proof your portfolio.

What is a Green Bond?

Green bonds, like regular bonds, are a fixed-income investment. Unlike most bonds, however, the funds from green bonds are specifically used to support environmentally-focused projects.

At RE Royalties, our green bonds support renewable energy projects around the world—from Texas to Nova Scotia to Romania—to finance a cleaner future by empowering companies that are doing the right thing for our planet.

How Do They Support Sustainability?

Green bonds are an innovative step towards a brighter, greener tomorrow.

When buying a green bond with RE Royalties, your money is used to finance investments in renewable energy generation, energy efficiency management, and sustainable infrastructure companies that expand access to clean energy and move away from harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

The green bonds are used to directly support projects like wind farms, solar parks, and run-of-the-river hydroelectric plants to create renewable energy sources and transition from fossil fuels, in turn decreasing pollution, conserving energy, and protecting natural resources.

By empowering these renewable energy leaders with the tools they need, RE Royalties’ Green Bonds investors benefit from a strong fixed income—while also giving businesses the resources they need to grow and scale.

Why Should I Invest Now?

As global energy demand continues to rise, energy use follows—it’s predicted that energy usage around the world will increase to 50% by 2050. Without access to renewable energy resources, more fossil fuels like coal and oil will continue to be used—which accelerates climate change and causes health issues for those living nearby.

As an alternative, the renewable energy industry has the opportunity to realize immense growth to meet this demand. In fact, some predict that as much as $5 trillion could be invested in the sector by 2030. This opportunity for expansion makes it a smart and lucrative investment that also supports the health of our environment.

As Charles Donovan, director of the Centre for Climate Finance and Investment at Imperial College, told Forbes,

“The conventional wisdom says that investing in fossil fuels is more profitable than investing in renewable power. The conventional wisdom is wrong.”

In the U.S., investments in green energy generated over 200% in returns, compared to only 97.2% for fossil fuels. Countries around the world including Canada, Germany, France, and the U.K. witnessed similar trends, highlighting the massive potential for renewable energy investments around the globe.

As global demand for renewable energy continues to grow, it’s likely that those returns will only continue to grow along with it—which also means the sooner you invest, the larger your opportunity to grow your portfolio.

Plus, these investments aren’t made in a vacuum. When you financially contribute to renewable energy, you’re not only bolstering your own portfolio, but also supporting the global economy at large. The renewable energy industry has created nearly 10 million jobs worldwide, brings energy to millions who didn’t previously have access, and funnels money into the economy; so much so that doubling the share of renewable energy could increase the U.S. GDP by $1.3 trillion.

How Do I Get Started?

When you invest in RE Royalties Green Bonds that means we can invest in more projects, get them started quicker, and take immediate action to protect the environment—and you can feel confident you’re investing responsibly.

RE Royalties is the first to use the royalty financing model and apply it to the renewable energy sector. As a result, our investors see strong capital returns and stable growth—all while helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make strides on the renewable energy front.

Our green bonds are no different. The bonds earn 6% annually and are secured against a portfolio of assets, making them a safe and smart investment that will steadily grow over time.

Each bond has a 5-year term. The returns are calculated annually, but paid out quarterly, allowing you to realize your gains more often. That way, you can positively impact the planet while also growing your assets for a win-win approach to investing.

Register now to learn more about RE Royalties Green Bonds and to get started supporting our efforts in sustainable and renewable energy.

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