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What Metrics Do You Look For When Financing A New Deal?

A wind energy farm in British Columbia. A solar park in Texas. What metrics do you look for when financing a deal? Are you looking for more companies to invest in? Tell us about a “dream” deal you would love to see.

When we examine an opportunity to finance a new project, we first ensure that the opportunity meets our corporate objective of acquiring a portfolio of long term, stable, and diversified royalty streams that will provide our investors with sustainable long term cash flows.

Specifically, we are looking for the following:

  • Renewable or sustainable energy projects;

  • Commercially viable technologies;

  • Operating projects or those that will reach operation in the very near term – we like near term cash flow;

  • Projects that have a strong ability to offset GHG emissions;

  • Global diversification but limited to OECD countries in the near term; and

  • Targeted returns in the mid-teens.

RE Royalties is always looking for new clients and new opportunities. Our dream opportunity is a developer/owner/operator who has a portfolio of operating renewable energy projects and has an opportunity to develop a new renewable energy project and/or projects but needs financing to realize on that opportunity.

We love it when the opportunity has a tight time line because we firmly believe that our speed to close a transaction is unmatched in the industry and we think this give us a competitive edge in the market place and helps our clients do what they want to do – build more renewable energy projects more quickly.

We offer capital in the form of a cash payment or loan, in exchange for a percentage of future revenues from operating projects.

Our clients retain 100% control of their assets and businesses, and there are no material restrictions on how the funds are used. The capital we provide can be considered an advance to our client, and the periodic percentage payments can be considered royalties to our investors.

We call it Renewable Energy Royalties.

If you are interested in getting financing for your renewable energy project, contact us for more information.

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