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RE Royalties Visits the NYSE

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

View from out front of the NYSE

During our recent trip to New York on business, we had the amazing opportunity to take a tour of the New York Stock Exchange thanks to our friends at the The StennerZohny Group.

Hard to contain our smiles after getting our first view of the trading floor

While having the opportunity to walk the trading floor was amazing, the highlight for the RE Royalties team was our tour guide, Jimmy, who had been working on the floor for Morgan Stanley for almost 50 years. Hearing him recount stories from his time as a trader painted a very different picture of the exchange compared to the modern version we saw during our tour.

We all got our chance for a photo op where companies sign the register before going upstairs to ring the bell

The thing that surprised us the most was how much quieter and less chaotic it was compared to the depictions shown in movies. Due to the majority of trades being performed by computers today, the NYSE only contains a few hundred traders on a given day compared to thousands during the peak of Jimmy's career.

Reporting live from the NYSE floor

We also got front row seats to the closing bell ceremony. Hopefully we will be back to ring it ourselves one day!

Overall it was a truly amazing experience, thanks again to The StennerZohny Group, Graystone Consulting and Morgan Stanley for making it possible!

RE Royalties and The StennerZohny Group

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