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Sun Run 2019

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Yesterday was the 35th Annual Vancouver Sun Run and for some reason I jumped at the chance to give up part of my Sunday morning to subject myself to 10km of torture (and pay for it too!).

Sun Run Start Line
View from the start line just outside of RE Royalties' office building

Jokes aside, the Sun Run does help raise money for various local charities which was a good enough reason for me to sign up. It is also rewarding to participate in the largest 10 km road race in Canada (over 41,000 runners this year) with such a long history. There is something quite humbling about participating in an event with so many other people.

Sun Run
The face of someone who is happy to not be running anymore

Though I was happy to join in for a worthy cause, I was quite pleased once it was all over and I could hobble over to Medina to eat an obscene amount of food. I think the best part of race day is that you can justify shamelessly eating as much as you want because you feel like you deserve it.

A well deserved post-race meal (not pictured: appetizer waffles)

All in all, it was a successful run and an excellent opportunity to be able to represent the company. I will certainly be back next year, hopefully as a member of the official RE Royalties team!

Representing RE Royalites on my race bib, please ignore sweat stains

Thanks for reading!

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