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August News Update - What the RE Royalties Team is Reading

World’s fastest energy transition: AEMO maps path to 94 per cent renewables Link.

The Australian Energy Market is well on its way to fully converting to renewable energy. It has just finalized its 20-year blueprint to ensure that a transition from coal to wind, solar, and hydro is smooth. If Australia’s energy market goes through a “step-change”, they could deliver 94.2% renewables by 2040. Read more about their cost expectations, plan, and demand for renewables in the upcoming years here.

Energy entrepreneur launches new energy infrastructure Link.

Silver Wolf Midstream is a renewable energy infrastructure company focused on the acquisition and operation of projects throughout the US. They develop portfolios of existing infrastructure assets and convert their operations for clean energy and renewable resources to provide the highest levels of safety and investor returns. “So many of our energy related challenges can be solved through existing infrastructure that simply needs to be reimagined and repurposed,” said Niel M. Rootare, Founder and CEO of Silver Wolf Midstream. “Our vision is to find new ways to deliver critical resources from energy delivery to clean and sustainable water, in a way that enhances our environmental footprint and offers new commercially sound solutions to the market.” Checkout the full article here.

Green hydrogen cost to halve by 2030 Link.

Wood Mackenzie says on-site green hydrogen production cost is expected to halve by 2030. Net-zero emissions policies, falling renewables costs, and strong business activity in electrolyser manufacturing and efficiency gains could all contribute to this 50% cost decline for green hydrogen. South Korea’s hydrogen market, which is currently the fifth largest globally, is expected to hit a demand of 4.44 million t this year, with close to 86% of demand coming from refineries. They aim to expand hydrogen use across industry, heating and mobility sectors and aim to increase their FCV production by as much as a hundred times in the next two years. Read the full article here.

Tech Firms Offer Carbon Tracking Software to Meet Oil-Investor Demands Link.

Tech companies are launching software that oil and gas producers can use to measure their carbon emissions due to increasing pressure from investors to curb greenhouse gases. Top investors and companies are putting climate change on their agendas and encouraging energy producers to keep track and report on their emission levels. Software companies like SAP and and start-ups, including Tempe, Arizona-based Persefoni, are launching products to help firms document their emissions to show investors which companies are serious about controlling their emissions and which are not. Checkout the full article on the NY Times here.



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