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News Update - What the RE Royalties Team is Reading

The year is off to a great start with new renewable energy projects and innovations underway. Read on for updates on some cool solar projects across the globe, and then for some local news!

These Solar Panels Pull Clean Drinking Water From the Air

A product that uses renewable energy AND filters water? Yes, please! Zero Mass Water makes solar panels (or hydropanels as they coin them) using only sunlight and air to produce clean water. Ever since their launch in 2015, Zero Mass has installed panels in 18 different countries! They are also being supported by a $1 billion fund backed by Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos. Check out the article here to learn more about them and about some new features they will be launching this year.

Greengate Power and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners Announce Investment Agreement for Canada's Largest Solar Energy Project - One of the Largest in the World

Greengate Power and Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners are coming together to fund the 'Travers Solar' project, which is expected to be the largest operating solar energy project in Canada, with a total generating capacity of 400MW. Located in the Vulcan County of Alberta, the project is likely to reach full commercial operation by the end of 2021. Click here to read the full article and learn more about how the project will benefit Alberta's economy.

World's Largest Solar Park in Karnataka is Now Fully Operational

The largest solar park in the world (located in the state of Karnataka in India), is now operational, generating a whopping 2050MW of energy! What makes this project unique is that it has been built on drought-hit land and that it has been leased from farmers, adding to their yearly income. Click here for the full article.

Abu Dhabi Island to Host Nation's First Floating Solar Power Plant

UAE's first floating solar power plant located on the island of Nurai will begin operations shortly! This could be the first of many solar plants in the country that are built on the sea instead of precious beach land. However, floating solar panels are three times more costly to install and maintain than solar panels on land. This could mean the country will continue to build its bigger solar projects on large desert patches on the outskirts of its cities. Click here for the full article and to learn more about the prospects of floating solar plants in the UAE.

Global Power-related CO2 Emissions Flatten After 2-year Rise

While the renewable energy industry has taken off in this past decade, helping reduce the use of oil and gas, it is reassuring to see the fruits of these projects translate into a global power-related reduction of CO2 emissions! Emissions in the EU alone fell by 5% from last year due to the increased use of natural gas and wind power. Emissions in the US fell by 2.9%, whereas those in Japan fell by around 4%. Check out the full article here.

Trans-link Seeking up to $447 million for over 600 new electric-battery buses

In more local news, TransLink has revealed a 10-year plan of acquiring anywhere between 95 and 635 electric-battery buses! They plan to adopt the more aggressive approach and aim for 635 electric buses at a capital investment of over $447 million. Read the full article on DailyHive where they discuss TransLink's strategy and potential roadblocks to switching more than half of their buses to electric-battery buses by the end of this decade.

That's all for this month! Thanks for tuning in and see you next month for more news!


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