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Outlook for 2020: Cleantech and Renewables Market

Does RE Royalties have any concerns about the cleantech market looking forward?

We believe that the cleantech market will continue its growth trend with increased innovation and greater market penetration across different industries, especially in the second wave of technology surrounding clean transportation, energy efficiency and energy storage.

The one concern we would have is with the pace of policy adoption and application that is necessary to make a lot of this happen. For instance, since the submission by the Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance was made to the federal government in June 2019, little has been announced on the progress of those recommendations.

Even more troubling was the fact that during the election, there was little reference made by any of the political parties to those recommendations, despite all parties agreeing more must be done to address climate change.

We run the risk that these independent recommendations get lost by further “paralysis by analysis” and any delays will result in climate change continuing unabated or may result in over politicization of vested interests.

Are there any catalysts on the horizon for RE Royalties that investors may not know about?

We seek to continue to build upon our accomplishments in 2019 and to further grow our portfolio of loans and royalties. The cleantech and renewables market is very large, and we look to further diversify our investments into areas beyond traditional renewables, such as energy efficiency, clean transportation and energy storage.

As previously disclosed in our public documents, we eventually plan on launching our own green bonds and/or setting up a co-investment vehicle by collaborating with larger pools of institutional capital who seek to find sustainable and impact investments in their portfolio.

The advantages for our shareholders are that this will allow us to leverage their investment and generate new accretive cash flows. For our clients, we will be able to provide even more growth capital to help their achieve their next phase of growth.

RE Royalties is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "RE", and the first to pioneer the royalty-financing model for renewable energy projects.

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