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Renewable Energy Royalties - Vancouver Resource Investment Conference

Updated: Feb 6, 2020

For our first event of 2020, RE Royalties participated in the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference at the Vancouver Convention Centre from January 19-20th. Organized by Cambridge House International, the conference welcomed over 9,000 investors, 350 exhibitors and 60 keynote speakers.

We had a booth at the conference and Bernard Tan, CEO, presented in a feature workshop about RE Royalties. The conference also provided a private deal room in the heart of the trade show floor for one-on-one meetings. This was very helpful and it was a great space for our team to meet with conference attendees that were interested in learning more about RE Royalties.

Our booth was located directly on route to the main speaker stage so we had a chance to engage with attendees on their way to see some of the talks.

We had the chance to catch a few speaker presentations including, Lord Conrad Black, Founder of the National Post, Peter M. Brown, Founder of Canaccord Financial and Stephen Moore, who formerly wrote on the economy and public policy for The Wall Street Journal.

Bernard’s presentation was on the first day of the conference and he presented to a full house (standing room only!). Watch the presentation below.

In his presentation, Bernard shared how he found similar parallels with the royalty financing model in renewables to the growth of royalty financing in the mining industry of the early 2000s. Remember those royalty giants of today like Franco-Nevada and Wheaton Precious Metals?

While the royalty business model is well-proven in the mining industry, RE Royalties is the first royalty company to focus solely on the renewable energy sector. We have raised and invested approximately $20 million to date; and currently own 63 royalties from various solar, wind and hydro projects located in Canada, the United States and European Union.

Download a copy of the PowerPoint presentation here.

We had a lot of interest in our company from retail investors, investment professionals, wealth advisors and C-suite company executives covering every corner of the resource sector.

Our team spent the entire 2 days showcasing what makes RE Royalties unique and how we provide investors with strong risk-adjusted returns. You can find us on the stock exchange under the symbol TSX.V: RE

You can get more details of our published financials and MD&A, which is available on our website here or on SEDAR.

Many investors that visited our booth wanted to learn more about how large the

renewable energy market opportunity is and how they could get in early with a growing renewable energy royalty company.

According to Bloomberg’s research, in the past 10 years, over US$2.2 trillion have been invested into renewables. In 2018 alone, over US$300 billion was invested into new renewable energy generation. This was a tipping point as more money was spent in new renewable generation compared to traditional oil and gas.

This is approximately 8 times more than what was invested in mining and 22 times more than the cannabis industry in the same time frame.

According to Bloomberg’s estimates, in the coming decades we will see over US$10 trillion invested in new renewable energy generation. If the world truly wants to reach the goals of the Paris Accords, that amount balloons to US$50 trillion.

Finally, investors wanted to know what’s next for RE Royalties!

Our plan for 2020 is to continue to grow our existing portfolio and complete accretive investments. Our prospective deal flow continues to be very strong and we currently have several term sheets issued, and due diligence underway.

In order to accelerate our growth, we have been exploring several options to secure non-dilutive capital.

The advantages for our shareholders are that this will allow us to leverage their investment and generate new accretive cash flows. For our clients, we will be able to provide even more capital to help them achieve their next phase of growth.

Overall, RE Royalties had a very enjoyable time participating at the Vancouver Resource Investment Conference and we will definitely be back again next year.

RE Royalties is a publicly traded company on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol "RE".

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