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The Importance of Being a Purpose-Driven Leader

What distinguishes a good leader from a great leader? A leader with purpose.

Yet “purpose” is a word that’s often tossed around without much, if any, thought. So let’s talk about what it really means to be a purpose-driven leader and why it cannot only transform a company, but can transform the world.

What Does it Mean to be a Purpose-Driven Leader?

A leader with purpose leads beyond their team and beyond themselves. It’s the foundation of what we have dedicated our lives and business to at RE Royalties.

At its core, our purpose, is a deep care for issues that matter beyond the day-to-day of the company and of our daily lives.

We see ourselves as one of these purpose-driven leaders, and here’s how we do it.

Beyond the Surface

On the surface, we’re an innovative finance company that focuses on renewable energy. However, if you dig a bit deeper, you'll see the layers of purpose within our work.

The market for renewable energy has grown exponentially over the last decade and it is not expected to slow down anytime soon. We don’t just finance renewable energy projects to earn a strong return. We do it to battle climate change. We do it to build a better future for our children. We do it to make a game-changing impact on the world.

Money needs purpose, you can’t just collect it and spend it. It needs a mission, it needs a “why.” For us, that’s changing the world one project at a time through the incredible potential of renewable energy. Gaining a favourable return on investment enables us to continue to reinvest in opportunities that will create a long-term impact on our world.

Leading By Example

Every leader needs a team, and every purpose-driven leader needs a team that cares. Our CEO gives 50% of his salary to charity, and that deep care reverberates through the company culture.

It’s amazing to see how a true mission can transform company culture. Our team works tirelessly and efficiently because each and every person wants to transform the world just as much as our CEO. The bedrock of our big “why” echoes throughout all of our day-to-day work, and we love what we do.

This extends to our clients and shareholders as well so there is never any doubt about what we’re working on, why we’re working on it, and how it will change the world.

We feel motivated to get to work every day knowing that we are making a real difference and that our actions have a ripple effect throughout everyone’s lives through the vessel of renewable energy innovation.

Giving Back

RE Royalties believes that it is the responsibility of all of us to do what we can to continue to improve our world for generations to come.

Here’s how we’re giving back:

Investing in sustainable projects that enhance renewable energy and actively help reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Treating everyone fairly from our clients and our investors to our employees, to create opportunities for limitless potential and team growth.

Working with our clients to offer unique and flexible financing solutions that will allow them to continue their important work without the constraints of traditional debt and equity financing that may not be suitable for everyone.

Donating to charities that we believe will have a positive impact on the future. For example, our recent donation to Blind Beginnings will provide blind and partially blind youths unique opportunities to experience life to its fullest potential.

Thinking Big

We’re always looking for others that share our core values and sense of purpose. The best way we have found to bring people into our world is through investors and clients that are aligned with our values, goals, and worldview.

We talk to a lot of folks that want to make a difference in the world and believe in renewable energy, but they’re not sure what to do with that energy.

If this describes you, reach out and get in touch with us. Our community is the heart of our work, and the ones that truly enable our amazing team to change the world in our own unique and powerful way.

When you invest with us, you invest in your future, your children’s future, and humanity’s future. Reach out and be a part of the green revolution with RE Royalties.

If you would like to learn more about our company's purpose, listen to this Saving with Steve podcast interview with Steve Sexton and our CEO Bernard Tan. The episode shares how to invest in renewable energy to help fight climate change, and discusses the importance of being purpose-driven in your work so that you can give back to charity and make a difference for future generations.

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